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Birthdate:Jan 22
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America
Elbie's Frequently Asked Questions (well, the questions I frequently wish I was asked...)

Q: What's with the user name?
A: My initials are LBC. Get it?

Q: Can I add you?
A: Sure! Let me know (a comment on my last public post will do) and throw me a clue on how/where/why, and I'll even add you back.

Q: Why'd you add me?
A: Because I found you to be smart, interesting, and/or funny. I try to let people know when I friend them. You can return the favor if you'd like, but don't feel obligated - if LiveJournal was an ice cream shop, I'd be... not vanilla. Butter pecan, perhaps...

Q: Are you on Facebook? MySpace? Chat?
A: In order: yes (ask for my real name), not a chance in Hades, and I spend too much time on the computer any damned way...

Q: What's with you and Harry Connick Jr.?
A: One day, back when I was entering that lovely time called 'puberty' (which I'm still not sure I've exited), I caught one of his videos (remember those?) on VH1. Changed my life. I'd like to credit him for inspiring me to pick up the saxophone, but that may have been being a tomboy. I'd still like to play with for him someday.

Q: What do you wish you could do?
A: I wish I could draw. I'd be doing a webcomic and Wonder Woman fanart right now. Instead, I'm writing WW/Harry Potter fanfiction. (Relax - it's all in my head, and probably won't see the light of day.)

Q: You're an omnivore. How do you live with a vegetarian?
A: Easy. He's a good man. Who takes me out for a steak dinner when he sees I need to gnaw on some charred dead cow. And will only moo sadly once. Before I start kicking him under the table.

Q: You refer to yourself as a Southern girl. Is Oklahoma really a 'Southern' state?
A: Let's see... we say "y'all", we eat fried okra and calf fries, we put college football third only behind God and family (and during the bowl season, family has been bumped for the weekend)... want more proof? Four words: Yukon native Garth Brooks Moore native Toby Keith.

Q: Quick! Name three female role models that are not in your family.
A: Susan B. Anthony, Sally Ride, and Wonder Woman. Next...

Q: Wonder Woman is a fictional character.
A: SHE STILL COUNTS. Sigh, fine, if we're not playing like that, you can put Madeline Albright up there. Or Madeline Kahn. Or Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett, Susan Sarandon... anybody with a sense of humor and brains.

Q: Um, Inner... Lesbian?
A: One of the Voices In My Head. She's best friends (and flirts like mad) with my Muse, who is sparkly and wears a tutu and adopts plotbunnies like they're endangered species. She keeps my Aunt Flo (yup, her) in check. And she makes sure the Bitch Inside My Head doesn't keep me from doing what I want to do (mostly through brute force - whatever works!). I'm straight physically, but I am open-minded enough to appreciate the beauty of other women. That's when my IL comes out to play.

Q: You sure don't act/look/behave/write like you're thirty-*mumble* years old.
A: Thanks! *blush*

In Memory of my sister, Andrea Dawn "Twiggy" Coleman (January 6, 1979 - June 5, 2006), who became a tissue donor after her untimely death from kidney disease, I made twiggys_place for information, support, and encouragement for those interested and affected by organ donation.

Please consider what your wishes are. Twiggy was able to save several lives, and since she was of small stature, some of those lives were kids. It takes the edge off a little.

I'm kind of liberal. I'm just kind of quiet about it. As far as politics goes, I'm a weekend warrior - only when something interests/inflames/inspires me will I make it an issue.

I do memes sometimes, but I don't tag people for them. If you like memes, knock yourself out; if not, don't. It's more fun if you're like "whee!" instead of "damn."

You can also see what I'm about at my "Bar and Grill" and The DOLs House.

There's some pictures of me and my family in my scrapbook, if you want to know what I look like. (If you're trolling for MILFs, you might not want to bother...)
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